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  • Greetings, fellow Dart Frog Hobby Enthusiast!
  • Welcome to Dart Den.com- a friendly, diverse, online community dedicated to the Dendrobatidae Family of Tropical Central and South American Frogs, also known as Poison Dart Frogs.

    At Dart Den, you will learn how to care for your Dart Frog, construct the Vivariums in which they live and much more.

    Please take time to look around, create a free account, and get involved as much as you would like.

    If you are new to the hobby, then congratulations are in order! Dart Frogs are one of the most rewarding and beautiful species of exotic animals that can be easily and safely maintained in one’s home. Please visit our Discussion Forum for specific topic information or feel free to just browse around at your leisure. Membership is free and allows you to post to the forum, album, and private message other users. Have a look at the Album gallery, which features member’s Dart Frogs and Vivarium Photos. Want your Frog Photo to be added to this gallery? How about trying our digest syndication for daily or weekly forum posts. We have also included individual user private notes and be sure to check out the Dart Frog webcam for a little minute-to-minute entertainment. For your convenience, Dart Den now has mobile web access via tapatalk for iPhone and Android phones.

    And if you are already an experienced member of the Dart Frog hobby, thank you for finding us. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable and the future of the hobby and quite possibly these unique animals, is truly in your hands. Please stay awhile and post often!

    Dart Den was created in 2004 to promote a very unique, rewarding and fast growing hobby, as well as to consolidate and archive as much useful information as possible. As with any hobby, there are many tips and little known techniques that beg to be brought to light and there is always room for improvement in every aspect of care and husbandry. Here is where the community comes into play and how the valuable discussions held on this site can benefit us all for years to come. We welcome everyone - from Beginner, to the most advanced Hobbyist with years of experience.

    Dart Den will always strive to be a volunteer based initiative, dedicated to building a friendly, diverse hobby community as well as a valuable academic resource. This site will be updated daily and should you have any recommendations or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time, and for technical problems or questions about the actual board itself, please check out our website FAQ . Your questions, comments and advice are always welcome.
    As Owner of Dart Den, I personally hope that you find your stay both useful and exciting and that you visit us again, soon.


    Phil P. (Philsuma)
    Dart Den.com Owner, Administrator and fellow Dart Frog Hobbyist

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