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Aquarium glass fogging
I just setuo my first varraium and the glass is fogging. Is there something i can do to clear it up? I have the top very air tight.

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Other than a small screen gap at the top, you can direct a small fan towards or across the front of the tank.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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A vent will help. Is this a new Exo or ZooMed? I have found when new the glass will fog up but over time it gets better.
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Thanks for the hints. I had read to keep the tank (completely) sealed
. Goes to show ya can t believe everything you read
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100% sealed is not the greatest.

The main reason people have for doing this is fruit fly escape paranoia, and second, they believe that they can keep the humidity up better. Both are not false, but also not best for the animals.

Some ventilation is good to have.

Tight seal + small tank + high heat (usually from overhead lighting) = death to frogs.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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The fruit fly escape thing cracks me up. If any get out they are not gonna live past a few hours normally. More so being flightless or wingless.

OP- its all been covered. Need a vent. If its a front opening, just takes time.
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Letting air in through the top was not enough. I finally went to Radio Shack and purchased a very small 12 vdc fan and used an old charger to power it. Now the tank is clearing up nicely 8)
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Glad to hear you found a solution that worked for you. I have found that after my vivs have established I can remove the circulation fans. It's generally been at about the 4 to 6 month mark for me, but you may want to periodically test to see if there is a continued need, especially if you have added vents to your viv. Good luck! And welcome to DartDen!
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