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Cayo Nancy Pumilio and Imitators for sale
We are moving and I've already sold off most of my collection. All I have left is the following:
Azureus proven trio (with planted/designed viv) - 350
Cayo Nancy proven group of 6 (with 65 gallon planted/designed/waterfall viv) - 900
Imitator proven group 11-17 (with 65 gallon planted/designed bowfront viv) - 750
A few other empty tanks (planted/designed) ranging from 20 to 55 gallon...

all tanks are drilled/fitted for misting, etc...

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am not particularly interested in shipping (especially the pumilio, because they most likely have tads in a couple of different bromeliads).

Please contact me asap if you are interested. Thanks!

Jeff Plant
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Welcome to the board! Got any pictures? Do you have any lineage info on your frogs?
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Certainly. I've been sending pics with email requests, because I can't seem to add them from my iPhone.

The imitators are Todd Kelley line.
The Cayo Nancy are Tim Paine. Not sure the previous lineage.

I was actually a member probably 10 years ago, but have no idea what email I used... Wink

I should also have added that I'm primarily interested in local pickups!
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welcome back Jeff ! Just for giggles..can you remember your SN from long ago ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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PM sent.
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Philsuma Wrote:welcome back Jeff ! Just for giggles..can you remember your SN from long ago ?

Thanks Philsuma!

Unfortunately I don't remember.... Too many moons ago now. I tried to find it in old emails, but no luck.
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The Azureus are sold.

The imitators (w/ viv) and Cayo Nancy Pums (w/ viv) are still currently available! I've had a few inquiries, but nobody has purchased yet. Also 3 pretty, planted, and empty vivs are also still available.






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Okay, only 2 more weeks before I have to move. Here's all I have left now:

Imitators w/ large bowfront viv - 11-17 are in there. Very successful group.
Cayo Nancy Pumilio w/ large 65+ gallon viv - successful group of 6
1 empty planted, drilled tank - 20 gallon tall

ANY AND ALL OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED! We're moving in 2 weeks! Dallas/Ft. Worth area preferably for local pickup.
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Wished I lived closer. Beautiful Cayo Nancys.
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What brand is the 20 high? I am assuming it had frogs in it before.....
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I don't know the brand. But no it has never housed frogs before.
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Everything half off - OBO!
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Sent you a email
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Thanks for all the shipping requests, but it's all gone. Smile

Thanks everyone!
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