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Dendrobates leucomelas Eggs - little woohoo
I finally put my female leucs in with the boys after quarantine last night. I just looked in the hut and saw there are eggs there less than 24 hours later. Now lets hope that the other female doesn't turn into an egg eater! I'll post some pics when I can.

Hey Tony
that's great to hear!
What size tank are they in?
Do you have multiple coco huts?
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They are in a 29 gallon well planted tank. Its funny you ask how many huts, my wife and I were just thinking we should put another one in there. At the present there is only 1.

I would go ahead and put another hut in the tank, possibly at the opposite end of the tank.
Keep a close eye on the eggs, and after 24 hours it is probably a safe bet the male has one his job and you culd go ahead a remove the eggs if you plan of rearing the eggs yourself.
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I plan on it as soon as the commotion settles down. That makes three species for me that are breeding now! Wooo Big Grin
Oh Yes,
love is in the air!!!!

We need to get some of that 'Yankee Air' down here
so some of our frogs will start laying!!!!
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It's been drizzling all day long so I'm sure that the atmospheric pressure is impacting it some. I'm sure the "love air" will make its way down for you Big Grin
Oh Yes, we have found that the drop in barometric pressure associated with 'fronts' really gets the frogs 'in the mood'.
I love the spring storm season!!!!!
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