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F/S - Dallas/Fort Worth Frogs
Hey guys,

I'm trying to move some individuals that I don't have plans for anymore. Not really interested in trades at this time.

Please only Dallas/Fort Worth area or close surroundings. I am not looking to ship these frogs.

2 adult azureus - Both look like they are female. They have never called and I have had them for over 2.5 years. Toe pads look like female toe pads

1 for $50. Take both for $85.
1 adult yellow P. terribilis - $125

Have had this individual for nearly two years. Also has never called so probably
a female.

The terribilis is Frye bloodline

Although not dart frogs...

Group of 4 adult bumble bee toads - $75 for all 4

Going by body type, looks like 3 females and 1 male.

Would prefer not to split this group up.

Thanks, Nathan
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Hey man im interested in your 2 azureus. If you still have them please text me at 214 994 7801.i live in Plano TX. Thanks
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Suppose to be selling the azureus and terribilis today. But if that falls through Ill let you know
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Azureus and terribilis are sold.

Bumble bee walking toads are still available.
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Aw dang. Its ok but do you know of any stores where i can get some dart frogs. I don't really want them delivered unless there is no other way.
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The NARBC show today Wink Plenty of dart frogs available at Josh's frogs booth
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Yea i wanted to go but i have to work and i wont get out in time Sad
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I have 4 or 5 azureus that will be ready soon.
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Not to compete with my bud Casper but I have bb auratus and mint terribs ready now.
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you might want to contact Cindy with vivarium concepts.
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