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FS. Few Odds N Ends
Downsizing my collection.
Few things left to go.
Pacific NW - Seattle area.
Check my site for more pics.

3 Adult Variabilis - $250
P. Nabors 1+yr - possible 1.2
[Image: var4.jpg]

2 Powder Blue - $85ea. -Very large frogs
from NYfrogs on Dendro. - Both Males, true blue, not grey leg
[Image: PowderBue.jpg]

3 F1 Costa Rican Auratus -$180
P. Nabors 1yr. Probable 1.2 - very old pic, much much larger now.
[Image: CRAuratus2.jpg]
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I am interested I am new to the hobby and have a 40 gal long that is set up and planted almost ready for frogs!! I am looking for a larger frog that Is hardy! I would also like to know how your shipping works?
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