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First time seeing tinc tad Transport!

follow the action...
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Nice video, thanks fro sharing!... are tinc tadpoles communal? I am only used to thumbs so forgive me if its a dumb question.
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These ones are! They can and will be raise this way. By clutches at least, these ones I just noticed these the other day after pulling a fresh clutch of eggs. These guys were just moved to this tank today so we'll see how they do!

All our thumbs are doing great with their in tank families too.
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What, no "Green Day" soundtrack ???

Freakin' SUPERB can see the Tadpoles vibrating.

A rare video to be sure.

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Thanks, I was stoked. Wasn't sure how long it would be before I "caught" em in the act. All good vibes in the blocker frog lair.
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All I have to say is...AWESOME!!!

Thanks for posting the video. 8)
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Agreed! Incredible vid!

Thanks for sharing! Great stuff 8)
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You're welcome guys. This was one of two things that I thought it would take years to see. Guess I was wrong. The other thing was seeing our imitators actually laying eggs while two males did their dance and fertilized them. That was damn cool for me also.
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Totally awsome Jason,we have never seen a tad deposition before thankyou mate and totally well done,congrats are in order mate
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