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For Sale - Pair of Red Bastimentos
Pair of Red Bastimentos for sale, this pair have been quarantine and they are healthy and ready to ship. "SR Imports 2013" $350 with shipping included. you can contact me here or text in my cell (313) 4778679 Thanks Juan Urbieta

Pics of actual animals

[Image: 2uj42ty.jpg]
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Are they 1.1 ?


0.0.2 ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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yea sorry are 1.1 thats why i say its a pair. but it was bad on my part not to put 1.1
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Thanks for the frogs they feel at home. They look very healthy and fat. I hit you up next time.
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thanks jerryo enjoy the frogs this are sold
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