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G&B auratus for sale!!
I unfortunately cant keep my last 4 auratus due to an overload of work and college. i have at least one female, possibly two with two definite males. i dont want to split them up but if i have to i will. the female will only go with her male, as a breeding pair for 160 plus shipping.

please let me know if you are interested... im willing to work on the prices as well.
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are the frogsstill for sale?
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yes they are. im taking any offer due to my need of some extra cash. please make an offer!!
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Have the pair laid eggs?

Would you be willing to work out a deal for all 4 of em'?
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oh and I would love to see a picture of em.
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yes i have gotten eggs but they molded over ( i didnt have any of the meth blue to use)

i have pics of each frog for sale
[Image: froggies013.jpg]
[Image: froggies011.jpg]
[Image: froggies009.jpg]
[Image: froggies008.jpg]
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