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Hello from Illinois
Just getting into the dart frog and vivarium hobby. Looking forward to sharing learned knowledge and learning new knowledge. I'm in the very early stages of my first vivarium build. So, you'll most of my activity in the build section.

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Hi Kevin, and welcome to Dart Den !

Take your time and look around, read and don't be shy if you can't find something. We are here to help.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Welcome, where in IL?
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ndame88 Wrote:Welcome, where in IL?

East-Central..Champaign to be more specific

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Welcome to the Den! Looking forward to pics of your build!
Jim from Austin --- Lorenzo keepers PM me about a US breeding program
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Welcome! Smile
Fine Spot Leucs, Bakhuis, Variabilis, Varadero, Fantastica, Green Sirensis
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