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Hello from Wisconsin!
After years of tarantula and snake keeping I've moved on to dart frogs. I look forward to learning more about these awesome frogs and getting to see/read about other people's experiences with them.

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Hi Buck and Welcome to Dart Den !

There are quite a few hobbyists from Wisconsin and surrounding areas here.I think you won't regret your decision to expand into Dart Frogs.

Enjoy !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Thanks Phil!
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Nice photos! Welcome to DartDen!
Jim from Austin --- Lorenzo keepers PM me about a US breeding program
lorenzo | nominant fants | highlands | summersi | bakhuis | azureus
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Welcome!! Very nice photos!
Fine Spot Leucs, Bakhuis, Variabilis, Varadero, Fantastica, Green Sirensis
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Howdy "neighbor"!
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im also in wisconsin if u ever need anything :-)
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