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How often do you dust your feeders?
How often are you dusting your feeders with Vitamins and Calcium? I have heard some people do it every feeding and others once or twice a week...

Your thoughts?
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I try to alternate products each feeding, but I personally dust every day.

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Thanks, TJ
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I dust everytime I feed. I alternate the different products. Sometimes I'll dust with everything mixed together.
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I dust every feeding. Recently that has been every 2 days.
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I dust every feeding w Rep Cal calcium and Rep Cal Herptivites
Scott - North Dallas
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i dust all ff feeds,but not springs or iso,apart from the wild stuff which also gets dusted,working on the premise that a cirtain part of our frogs diet is undusted,i take most oppurtunities to dust. Our feeding frequency varies because we have frogs at different ages,some just starting to breed others growing and some we are trying to stop from breeding
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I dust with a rotation of 3-4 different Vitamins and 2 different Calcium superfine powders almost every single feeding. There are times when I skip a dusted feeding but really, not too many.

Rapashy or anygiven FAV supp is fine, but do not "bet the bank" on it. I would highly recommend a good German vit -like Nekton Rep in every rotation, among others.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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RanaVenenosa Wrote:I dust every feeding w Rep Cal calcium and Rep Cal Herptivites

Update: I now use Repashy Cal plus. I still dust FFs every feeding, but adults frogs only get feed 5 times a week.
Scott - North Dallas
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