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Hygrolon Source needed
Anyone know of a place to purchase Hygrolon? The only place I can find is always out of stock....
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Folius is about the only place in the US for the real deal. Their "email me when it's in stock" feature seems to work.

The alternative is AquaMat from Firstrays - ... ral-Fabric - it's apparently similar, although I've never tried it.
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Anyone have experience or reviews of either of these products?
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I've used Hygrolon. Does pretty much what it says on the wrapper :-)
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Well the wrapper sounds pretty awesome!

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I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it. I used hygrolon over ecoweb on the sides of the last two vivs I built, and it seems to be keeping them dramatically wetter; enough so that I'm misting them at about 1/4 the rate I mist my other vivs. The goal is to hopefully be able to grow moss / epiphytes on it essentially as if they were on sphagnum, but a little easier to maintain. So far I've not had a lot of luck growing moss on them, but that's a slow process at best. Have also been trying to get Riccia established on it without much luck, but it's early days yet.
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