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Intermedius and Imitators for sale near Chicago
Species: R. Imitator "Intermedius"
Age: 2-8 months otw
Quantity: 0.0.10
Price: $65 ea. or 4+ @$60 ea.
Payment: Paypal
Shipping: Prefer local but shipping from 60445 if weather permits

Email for questions or pictures at
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just a pic of one of the intermedius. It won't allow me to add any more because of their size, therefore if you'd like to see more just send me a message. I have some with white legs, some with blue legs, some with green legs, and a few with stripes. There is a lot of variability in the offspring from this group. I'll have more pics available of the actual animals for sale asap.
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Are you willing to trade?
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Depends on what you have to trade.
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I have 1 Green Sip, and 1 male Leuc. BTW I'm near Chicago.
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A couple better pictures of the frogs for sale.
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Very tempting, let me know if you decide to take anything other than thubnails, thanks
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Hey Matt

You have a PM.
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