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Lets see those belly shots
Ill start us off here since there isnt a thread on here yet!!

Standard Lamasi
[Image: DSC_0058.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0056-2.jpg]

Blue Jeans
[Image: DSC_0001.jpg]
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The pattern on your 2nd Lamasi shot is pretty sweet. Is that one of the "famous" Blue Jeans?
Scott Bryant
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Yes it is!!!

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[Image: IMG_3594.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1875.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1330.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1326.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1744.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1520.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1091.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4985.jpg]
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no one else has some?
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Here is my decent shot.

[Image: 004-1.jpg]
0.0.2 ‘Turquoise and Bronze’ D. Auratus (Michael Shrom line)
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Wow ^^^ cool colours and patterns on the undercarriage...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Horrible pics...but bellies nonetheless
[Image: 004-1.jpg]
[Image: 002-3.jpg]
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
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Some belly shots
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I was lucky enough to catch this this morning. Looks like my vents are doing a dance routine.
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D. tinctorious Inferalanis bellies
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[Image: IMG_0082.jpg]
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
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