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Liverworts & Ferns milkshake method
I was wondering whether anyone has used the milkshake method to seed their viv background with these plants. I want to give this a go but would appreciate any input from people who have tried this method before?

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Hi Ben,

It's been years since I heard (or read) of someone here in the States trying this. I really think it just doesn't work.

Now....there was a product (dry) going around 2-3 years ago called "moss mix" and some people used it with "decent" results but for some reason, the product buzz died way down.

I did note there are 3-4 "milkshake" threads here on Dart Den. Hopefully someone will post here.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Thanks Phil, good to know, ill try another method unless anyone else can point me in the direction of someone who has had success with this

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As I recall there were mixed results. Some folks used beer, buttermilk, yogurt, to blend with moss. Some comments were being made about the smell.
I don't think I have heard of anyone doing fern spores or liverworts though.

Phil, I believe the dry product that was being used was a polyacrylamide copolymer. This is the powdered stuff that absorbs water and turns to a gel, I think one of the brands is Horta-Sorb
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The "Moss Mix" was something imported from Europe by Chris Dulany (Dart Frog Depot) a few years ago and was sold in Ziploc bags. I'm pretty sure it contained dormant moss spores and other small botanicals.

I have a pack of it somewhere in my basement. Looks like sawdust, somewhat.....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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