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My 10 gallon tank
Heres my 10 gallon tank for a single leuc...I don't have the frog yet..still looking. It will only be temporary until I can move my turtles.

Left side

[Image: tankpics1007.jpg]

right side

[Image: tankpics1008.jpg]

just a pic

[Image: tankpics1009.jpg]

full tank shot (from above)

[Image: tankpics1011.jpg]
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Very cool, where are you planning to buy the frog from?
I am trying to create a PDF website, don't expect it to contain any info till around New Years day.
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Nice plants, looks good!
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nice i likee it
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what kind of ground are you using because with out thinking i put that coco fiber in and my plants roots didn't spread and they died
Long live Frogs
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very nice looking thanks for sharing
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Nice Tank
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