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My First Tank
Hello Everyone,

I finished, mostly finished, my first Vivarium. Its an Exo 18x18x24 with a false bottom. I put a small pump in the front center for a water element. I have a line running up the back wall at the left and another short line right at the pump. I am thinking about running the short line up to the moss and just having it dump there. For now there is no running water. Thank you all for sharing your experiences here, I have learned a bunch from you. I will be using this tank for a couple of red eyes, I know /sigh. Next tank will be for Darts, promise.

Anyway here are a few pics,

Hamburg, PA
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Nice first Vivarium !! Way ahead of the curve too.

I'm glad you learned a lot here - there's a ton of great info in the "Enclosure and Builds" section huh ?

Offer still stands to see my Frog Room, whenever you want. Only 45 mins southwest of ya....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Thanks Phil, yes there is a ton of information here to read and learn.

Ill be over to see your frogs in the next couple of weeks, i will let you know
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Your tank looks really good.

The Red Eyes will love it.
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I love red eyes!! they were so much fun to catch in panama!!
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