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My New 48 X 49 X 24 Vivarium Under Construction
I'm new to this board and I'd like to share my new winter project with you.
I'm new to this hobby (haven't started yet) Smile

What is that foam looking stuff? Are those nets in the foam?
the foam is called gratstuff foam you can buy it at any local hardware store, and the net looking things are actually plant pots
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Did you already have what plants were going where planned out? I was thinking about using GS for my next tank but I'm not really familar with all the plants yet. Just thought how you had the plant pots already set was a cool idea.
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Any plant (except for carnivorous) on black jungle is good for the vivariums. If you can find any brom's (bromedilas) for sale around you then those are great for darts. However if you choose to order from black jungle just a warning about the plant size, they show big plants on the website but you will get a small little part of the plant if you order from them.
I am trying to create a PDF website, don't expect it to contain any info till around New Years day.
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I love to see this tank planted! Awesome hardscape!
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Here it is in it's present state:
[Image: 4309_99422127888_71276037888_2521503_5118065_n.jpg]
[Image: 4309_99422132888_71276037888_2521504_1324464_n.jpg]
[Image: 4309_99422137888_71276037888_2521505_6173069_n.jpg]
[Image: 4309_99422142888_71276037888_2521506_5184797_n.jpg]
[Image: 4309_99422147888_71276037888_2521507_6860073_n.jpg]
[Image: 4309_99422157888_71276037888_2521508_1486348_n.jpg]
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think, it aint illegal yet
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Where can I get a tank like that?
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Do you have more construction pictures? I have never used the great stuff in building before and would love to see, if possible the next step in your process. I am hopin gto start my 6' x 3' x 3'h build in the next few weeks and would greatly appreciate any tips.

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nice setup
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Wow! Thats some growth!

So the under construction tank in the first post is the same as the next set of pix? I noticed different user names...
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Yeah same tank same person, just different user name.My original account was deleted.
Functionless Art Is Tolerated Vandalism I Am The Vandal
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I always get a kick out of seeing the before and after pictures, the difference is always staggering.
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awesome setup. hope i can make something like this one day haha
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Looking Great! Frog pics??

g&b Auratus, Leucomela,Azureus, Cobalt, Ventrimaculatus, Intermedius, Vittatus, InferAlanis,
g&blk Auratus
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so cool
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Nice Tank
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What do you cover the great stuff with?
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This is an interesting build !

Love the large amount of wood.

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