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My first viv!
My name is George and this is my first attempt at an viv. I ve kept fish for a while, so Iam turning that tank in a viv.
I wanted to do a water feature but gave up. The viv has been up and running for about two months now. And I think its time to purchase some frogs!
I ve been looking at Dendrobates tinctorius "citronella".
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Hi George. Tincs are excellent choices for first frogs. Make sure you know all about Fruit Flies and dusting them before buying the frog. Keep us posted on your experience!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Post some pics of it if you get a chance Smile What size tank is it?
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Hello brooks_91. My viv is 6 X 2 X 2. I will surely post some pics soon.
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