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Need help Sexing Tinc "Boulanger"
I have a quad group of these and here are the only two that would pose for me but I am thinking:

[Image: photo18_zpsd48e166a.jpg]

[Image: photo17_zps5a944ba5.jpg]

Thoughts? I have at least one of each because I had a tad that did not survive recently but still getting used to determining gender.

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I think you have a good guess going based on toepads and body size.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Thanks so much for the feedback.
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Side pics are better IMO. Females have an upward arch on their backs are larger than the males and males have a rounder back line then females. Not sure how old they are but typically close to 1 year old you can sex plus witness courting, back stroking.
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Here's a link:

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Thanks for the link. They are probably close to 1 year old now. I am certain on the male pictured as I have witnessed him calling. I think I have a 3.1 group and witnessed another of the males calling yesterday.
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