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New 2.2 orange terribillis & proven 2.3 lamasi !
I just had to post. I am so excited - I just got 2.2 proven orange terribillis, and 2.3 phil tans line green leg lamasi....I am jumping with joy 8) Big Grin Smile :!:
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Congrats!! Pics?
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i'll get pics of them in quarantine when they come....i just paid ...need to ship out...i have bought from this breeder before...excellent healthy darts...i'm just so excited! jumping for joy....proven terribillis are hard to come by.....she gave both groups to me for 1050.00 shipped.....because they are selling their whole collection to devote time to their children more. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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Are orange terribillis considered an advanced frog to keep ?
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they are very bold frogs. a little prone to skin problems, but extremely enjoyable. I actually had to pass on these frogs due to illness at the time, but have since acquired both the mint and orange terribillis, as well as the lamasi, both green-legged and orange. they will eat you out of house and home but are very appreciated. And very beautiful.
not too hard to keep. i would recommend this frog for beginners over the thumbnail species. very hardy and bold.
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Aren't Terribillis really toxic ?
Cer Was Here!
0.0.3 "Chocolate" Leucomelas
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in the wild yes, notoriously
but in captivity not at all.
i have touched mine several times...not on purpose of course
kristy :wink:
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