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New viv for Galacts
I love Petco's $1/gal sale ! My 3 galacts are still in quarantine and I'd like to build them a nice home. I've done some research that tells me that they prefer horizontal setups, other posts say they like to climb. Since I have my pick of sizes, what would y'all recommend for their new home? I'm open to suggestions, and anxious to get started.

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too bad the dollar per gallon sale doesn't extend to the new tetra fauna terrariums. How big you willing to go? Is it going on a rack?
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Well, I have an empty 70gal sitting on the floor, waiting to be cleaned. I was thinking along the lines of 29g to 40breeder. What are you thinking?

Uh, no, no rack. It will be sitting on an old library table near the front door.
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40br. I have my three leucs in a 40br that I picked up at a $1 per gal sale.
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I don't know much about Galacts. Don't they enjoy some sort of water feature to help with breeding?

A 40 breeder would be nice. I much prefer working on larger tanks than smaller ones.
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Horizontal or vertical? A water feature is a must - we LOVE water features.

Lately, we've been working on all sizes of tanks. The big ones take a long time, but they turn out to show pieces. The smaller ones can be whipped out in a few days, including the water feature. Sweet!
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I"m asking if they like one, Kristi.
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Ahh, that's what I get for reading so fast. They'll have one in a 40 breeder. If the sound of flowing water is as soothing to them as it is to us, they'll love it ~

I did see some galact tanks online that had water features. One in particular had a fabulous waterfall. I think the tank was created in 2009.
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Check out the fourth post. I think I've read a few times that they like a water feature.

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I remember seeing this one and was pleased to see that they like the higher temps. It's very difficult these days to keep the frog room cool - I have to keep most of the lights off and the blinds down.

Hey, I'd love to live by the water - I guess I have to do so vicariously thru my frogs. This will turn out nice.

I appreciate the help - thanks!
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I've never kept them, but the viv's that I've seen them housed in, were def more on the terrestrial side, hardscaping-wise.

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Good to know, Phil. I think they'll be quite content in that big ol' 40g breeder. I LOVE Petco's $1/gal sale. Yeah, I know that some folks can get 'em cheaper on Craigslist, but then there's the extensive cleaning. And the last time I looked at aquariums in Houston, I swear that they add an extra 0 to the price.

Are you still keeping frogs?
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Hi Kristy,

Sorry I didn't answer you earlier. I have loaned, traded, transfered and/or sold my entire collection - check my Frog Room pics in the corresponding subforum and my advertisement of animals in the Classified and you can fully see what all I had. I'm planning on renting student housing near main campus at Gainesville and until getting settled in for classes - spring 2012 at the earliest, I can't do too much. My major at U of F is going to be Wildlife Conservation / Conservation Biology.

I'll still be 100% with running this site and I will look to get 2 breeding groups of obligates of some species - a single 48" bakers rack worth in a small apt is prolly maxing out.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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I hate that you had to sell your entire collection, but I love love love the field that you're studying. Gosh, I wish I was a kid again....with internet....

You will do well, and I'm curious as to what kind of eo's Rich is gonna let you have Wink
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