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O. pumilio 'Cristobal' prob. pair
Species - Oophaga pumilio 'Cristobal'
Line/Origin - 2011 Strictly Reptiles
Quantity - 1.1 (female probable)
Price - $300
Preferred Payment Method - Paypal
Shipping Rates & information - buyer's choice of USPS Express or FedEx, send zip code for quote

Calling male and probable female (no calling, no dark patch on throat, follows the male when he calls, no aggression) from the most recent imports. They have been in my care for a little over a month and have acclimated well, readily taking dusted melanos and springtails.

[Image: SANY1120Medium.jpg]

probable Female:
[Image: SANY1123Medium.jpg]
[Image: SANY1125Medium.jpg]
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Good looking frogs Tony.....You guys are killing me.
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They could be in your hands next Tuesday... Big Grin
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LOL....I wish I had the cash or I would take you up on that.
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Dang Tony those are sweet. If I didn't already have to breeding pair, I'd snap them up in a heartbeat. If you haven't already, be sure to post them on DB. Somebody sent me a PM asking if I had any sexable adult Cristobals or Bastis for sale, which I don't. I wish I could remember his screen name, but it escapes me.
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Thanks Jim, they are posted over there as well.
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I have likely 2 female from that line/import and would like to take you up on that ?pair, hoping for 2 male s:-) actually...
Email me

Shawn Harrington
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You have an email.
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