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PAIRS: red amazonicus, bakhuis tincs and e. anthonyi pasaje
i have bakhuis tincs, which are one of the smallest tincs. sexed pairs $300

i also have e. anthonyi pasaje-sarayunga pairs for $150. their color varies with lighting and is hard to photograph, so i posted two pics of the same pair taken under different lighting conditions.

i also have sexed pairs of Red Amazonicus for $400. these are outcrossed from different breeders' stock. you'll get one Todd Kelley X Jon Werner and one Phil Tan X Pat Nabors, so each pair will represent 4 breeders' genetic stock.

please check my vendor feedback, and feel free to call me evenings at 504-296-5574.
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mack Wrote:i still have limited numbers of these frogs available. i lowered the price on the anthonyi to try to move some out before the weather gets too cold.
Let me know what you have and what price you want. Thanks.
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i sent you a private message.
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