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After having these frogs for well over a year and a half... I finally have tads in the water.

I am just happy I don't have 2 males.
I possibly do have 2 male Paru and my blue jeans have been "Stepping out"

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Congratulations! Pics?
Jim from Austin --- Lorenzo keepers PM me about a US breeding program
lorenzo | nominant fants | highlands | summersi | bakhuis | azureus
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pics of the adults !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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This brings up another question.
Has anyone ever seen two eggs dropped in with the tad? (the two white dots)
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Way to go on the tads and those are definitely some stunners you have there!

Armson Wrote:Has anyone ever seen two eggs dropped in with the tad?

All natural "tad bites"...AKA feeder eggs. Big Grin
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So I was very wrong these are not my first Paru tads.

All of my obligates are masters at hiding their tads. I usually don't know until I have froglets that anything was going on.
Case in Point... I was all excited when I finally found tads for my Paru.
Turns out they had been hiding tads long before the ones I saw...
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Nice work dude
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Good stuff! Best feeling/experience in the hobby seeing those froglets for the first time that you have no idea they are there.
Trey C.
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