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Pairing Up Pumilio
I lost my male Pumilio from my pair a while back and decided to hold back 4 froglets in hopes of getting another male to pair with my proven female. About a week ago I caught a male calling in the growout tank so I pulled him and put in the tank with the female. He's been calling nonstop ever since. Today I noticed another froglet calling in the growout tank. Should I pull him and put him in the female tank as well to see who pairs with her or leave the pair alone and see if they breed?

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I would leave the pair alone and not add the extra male.
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That's what I was thinking and if nothing happens in a month or so maybe swap them out.

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Pairs of pumilio can be placed together for very long periods of time with no breeding activity. I have seen pairs together for a year or more before they finally get it all right. Be patient!!
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I guess it's a good thing I didn't disturb the pair. I found a clutch of 4-5 eggs this morning while misting. Now just hope they are fertile...
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