Poll: What kind of False Bottom do you prefer ?
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0 0%
Leca / Hydroton / Clay Pellets
14 40.00%
Egg Crate / Diffuser
10 28.57%
Gravel or Stone
0 0%
Combination of above
10 28.57%
Other (Please describe in post)
1 2.86%
Total 35 vote(s) 100%
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Poll - False Bottom construction
What kind of False Bottom do you prefer ?


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I usually run with a combo starting with the Leca / Hydroton / Clay Pellets then a layer of ether nylon window screen or plastic needlepoint canvas then a sheet of Egg crate, then another layer of window screen double layered this time or needlepoint mesh, followed by the substrate. its cheap material, and the extra layering keeps heavy driftwood from shifting or sinking.
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we use the ent,false bottom ie a glass sloping shelf running to a front drainage channel,so a constant through flow of water without the need to drain as the drainset in the front channel acts as an overflow. Though we are by no means satisfied with our substrates yet even though we have had fair results so far.

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I typically use LECA in smaller vivs and eggcrate in larger ones.
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