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Repticon Houston Genesis Exotics availability
Genesis Exotics LLC will be vending at Repticon Houston this weekend! This is our FIRST Texas show since our big move from PA and we are very excited. Here is a breakdown of our availability. Feel free to contact us to place an order to have it delivered to you.
CB Frogs
Costa Rican Red Eyes
Starry Night Reed Frogs
LTC Big Eye Tree Frogs
Bakhuis Tinctorius
Patricia Tinctorius *Adult Females, and juvies *
Oyapok Tinctorius *Proven female*
Phyllobates Vittatus
Ameeriga Bassleri Chromes (VERY RARE CB DARTS!!!)
Oophaga Pumilio ‘Bastimentos’ adult trio
FG Amazonicus adults and babies
Chazuta Imitator
Tarapoto Imitator
CV imitator
Phyllobates Aerotaenia
…There is more that I am missing I am sure

Fruit Flies (wingless mels, golden wingless mels, Turkish gliders, curly wing, golden curly wing, golden hydei, hydei)
Springtails (large silvers, folsomia, giant whites)
Isopods (dwarf whites, dwarf purples, powder blues)
Bean Beetles!!!!!!!

Dry Goods/Vivaria Supply
Astaxanthin carotenoid
Chytrid testing kits
UniVersal Hybrid Fly Media
UniVersal Hybrid Fly Media culturing kits
Live java moss
Live shag moss
Live sheet moss
Live mood moss
Live Spanish moss
Live lichen
150+ Bromeliads
75+ assorted tropical plants
30+ assorted tropical plants cuttings
Genesis Exotics Moss Fusion (chia pet for your vivarium)
Cork bark tubes and flats (BEST PRICE AT THE SHOW)
HydroGro drainage layer
Spag Moss
Leaf litter (magnolia, sea grape, indian almond leaves)
Southern Palm Bark
Springtail Grub
Springtail culturing kits
Tid Bits tadpole bites
Tadpole rearing kits
Quarantine rearing containers
Tree Fern Fiber boards
Tree Fern fiber
Background blend

We accept all cash, and all credit cards. We look forward to seeing many of you at the show!
Josh Halter
"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. To rare to live and to rare to die."

Josh Halter
Genesis Exotics LLC
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