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Rio Branco pumilio froglet pics
i figured I would start a thread on branco froglets..since these are new to hobby and not many f1's have been seen..
[Image: IMAG2094_zpsb28f35da.jpg]
parents were purchased from juan at Michigan exotics
love to see more,
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Very nice Andy.

Rio Branco's were rarely imported in the U.S hobby and were not produced CB, in any large numbers.

The recent 2012-13 import of these should be managed with care.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Thanks,I have found three froglets from my first pair,yet no breeding from second pair yet....definitely one of my faves.
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congrats andy we should start our post of tads, tads, tads Phil? lol jk we trying to do that phil i have a bunch my self waiting little more time they are nice looking fellas
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Andy, how does the offsprings' phenotypes compare to the parents? This seemed to be a very variable morph, so it will be interesting if they throw similar offspring or some from a wide spectrum.
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Too early to tell,two have similiar coloring to parents,but much more washed,one is larger though,and pattern a lot more crisp..third one appears to be different,but is very small yet and stays hidden in bromeliad..will update when larger
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Do you have any sexed pairs of rio branco for sale? I'm interested...

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