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Six-point auratus
Six point auratus (F1) 3-4 month old.
$20 each or 6 shipped via fed-ex for $120!

These pics are pretty washed out, but are the best shots I have of them, they are kind of hard to photograph, the greens are brighter and the dark areas are darker than in the pics.
[Image: IMGP0018.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0088.jpg]

Paypal accepted for shipped orders.

Shipping available to most locations, send zip code with you're inquiry so I can check shipping cost and you're weather conditions.

PM me if interested

Live arrival guaranteed.

Thanks for looking!
Brian T. Sexton
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Now shipping to most areas!
Brian T. Sexton
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Brian T. Sexton
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[ :wink:
Brian T. Sexton
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Just wanted to put a plug in for brian. His frogs are amazing, his packaging is thorough, safe, and top of the line, and his communication is Impeccable. I highly recommend getting frogs from him.
I just got my order and I have to say these are some GREAT frogs! Thanks for the super deal and the gigantic frogs you sent me.
I highly recommend him to anyone!!

If you're at MWFF, stop by to say hi!
Brian T. Sexton
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Brian T. Sexton
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