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Some O. pumilio and other Darts that we are working with.
Hey everyone,
I have posted , in the Album, some morphs that my brother and I are working with. Some of the pumilio are w/c of some very interesting morphs. Take it eas.,


Rich Frye
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Cool pics. Some of those frogs look pretty skinny tho. I hope they are doin' okay.

How long have you been keepin frogs?
My brother and I have been keeping frogs for a little over a year.
Pumilio can tend to be on the slight side compared to other species. You will also find that different morphs vary in size and build.The ones you are veiwing are about a month out of the wild. For the most part they are doing very well. You can check out quite a few more pics at our website.

Take care,

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Any luck with the pumilio yet?
Out of the five morphs in the study, each morph has produced eggs. The Nancies breed the best followed by the Bastis, then Cayos, Darklands , and last the Popas.

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Any out of the water yet?
There are a few Nancies hopping around.
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