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Squirting red galact
So, I have never seen this before with any dart frog. 3 of my red galacts were up in the corner on a log and the fattest (presumably female) was stroking/laying on another one. The frog being stroked had its rear hanging off the log and all of a sudden squirted something out of it's rear in 3 squirts that went 6-8". Has anyone seen this before? Wondering if it was urine.
Scott Bryant
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Urination IMO....

I've actually seen different frogs do it and even heard a tiny audible popping sound,at times. Kinda funny.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Yeah, it was pretty funny to watch, expecially since it did it as one was rubbing it's back.
Scott Bryant
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Man if only back rubbing worked in humans...
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