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Taking a break sale
It's been something I've been thinking about and it's time to go ahead with it. I've been dealing with some personal issues and I need to get rid of some things. Here is a list of things for sale.

Sam Cavoulas Vista, Ca

D. Dwarf Cobalt
0.0.2 adults (around 3 yrs old).
$160 (comes with 18 × 24 exo)
No shipping

O. Pumilio Colon proven pair
Charles Almazan
1.1.0 ( 5 yrs)
$350 (comes with 18 × 24 exo)
No shipping

O. Pumilio Popa
Sidney Ferrell
$150 (comes with 18 × 24 exo)
No shipping

R. Vent proven pair
1.1.1 + tads
$120 (comes with 12 x 18 exo)
No shipping

I also have a few verts,

1.40g vert with Jungle Box vert kit $100
2. 2 x 10g verts with Jungle Box vert kits
$ 10 each
3. Misc tank building supplies, cork bark, manzanita driftwood, brewers yeast, 48" T 12 shop lights. $30

Not parting out at this time. Would like to sell as a whole. Pm's work best fot me. Thanks for looking.

[Image: 497ec0976901ad6b5788b4d5b2f8363e.jpg]
[Image: 582ef17bd1c0a4a99e2f1e3766887224.jpg]
[Image: 61e40d5dababcb802a9221d027473f03.jpg]
[Image: 3c81bf1a2bf0052feae961004e76d356.jpg]
[Image: 347953114b4ae93af0de9a56575f0d0f.jpg]
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Is the first pic the Dwarf Cobalt?,looks like a Patricia!
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Ya, not the best pic.
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Btw. The Vents are a trio with 2 froglets.
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Bump. Will let everything go for $750.
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Bump. Make me an offer. I would really like to get these guys out.
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Ttt. Price drop. 500 for everything.
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let me know if you decide to ship Smile
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Will do man
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Colons and Vents pending
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Are the 10 gal verts still available? I'm willing take those asp hmu with the info I'll pay for shipping
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I'm talking to someone right now for the verts. I'll let you know if he backs out. Where are u located?
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California I'm willing to pay 30 for both since they are rare at the momemt
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Where in Ca? I'm in Vista, Ca
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Near Venice downtown LA
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R. Vent proven pair r are they still up for grabs are u willing to ship
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All frogs are pending sale aswell
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Ohh we'll pm me if anything changes thank u for your time
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