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Terrarium Entry at ABS Convention
This was our entry in the terrarium/ contained atmosphere catagory at the American Begonia Society National Convention this past weekend.
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Wow ! Beautiful

I see a couple rare plants in there. Can you post a species list, Cindy ?

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Here ya go Phil,

Philodendron 'Burle-Marx's Fantasy'
Philodendron 'Wend Imbe'
Begonia 'Royal Lustre'
Nephrolepis exalta 'Suzi Wong'
Peperomia red stem
Begonia 'Michelle'
Begonia prismatocarpa
Begonia imperialis
Begonia scutifolia
Begonia 'Red Planet'
Begonia maculata
Begonia 'Peridot'
Selaginella sp
Ficus sp “Panama”
Davallia parvula
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Congrats Cindy!
Looks like you ran out of space for all of your Ribbons. Smile
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Thanks Phil, and Beth!
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That looks awesome! Congrats on all of those ribbons!
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Beautiful tank. The only thing I see missing is frog poop.
Nicely done.
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The pictures don't do it justice, it's jaw dropping in person. Congratulations on the ribbons! When I come up to get wood in a couple of weeks I'm looking forward to seeing it more grown in.

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Congrats, beautiful plants
Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Rantiomeya, Epipedobates
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Saw this viv during construction and after it was put together. Definitely more stunning in person but still looks great in pics! Congrats on the wins!!
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