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Thumbs for sale -breeding groups and more!
breeding group of 5 intermedius... i do not know the ratio...
4 are photoed in the picture - i could not get the other one out of the tank
they are around 1 1/2 years old
asking 300.00 for the entire group
[Image: IMG_0425_zpsf9c67462.jpg]
just pulled a tad today
[Image: IMG_0426_zpscccdf6a6.jpg]

Breeding group of 4 varadera
again i do not know the ration - i just know that they breed
about 2 yeras old - really good breeders for me over the past year
asking 300 for the group
[Image: IMG_0430_zps09996242.jpg]
Group of calling red vents.... they call real good but no babies i got them from sean stewrt last year
asking 250.00 for the group of 5
[Image: IMG_0428_zpscfd34b8a.jpg]

trio of vanzolini - there is a calling male in the group - i think the ratio is 2 males and female based on body size
these are not proven so i am not sure on the sex
asking 250.00 for the group
[Image: IMG_0422_zpsf1566a48.jpg]

imitators... adult and sub adult
asking 40.00 each
[Image: IMG_0429_zps1d64b70d.jpg]

i also have 3 small baby chrome baslerri - asking 60.00 each

i will not ship - only local - i am in the frederick MD area please only email me at

i am will to negotiate on price and i am only looking for yellow Bassleri for trade..
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Still have vents and vanzolini avaliable. Asking 150 for the vents and 200 for the vanzolini
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