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Tincs - Mt atachi bakka ?
Simply put what do you guys call these and do you have them ? If you keep can i have some pics please and any other info
regards all, and of course thanks.
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From Tropical Experience: ... &Itemid=49

Colourmorph 9.
Name: D. tinctorius.
'Atachi Bakka'.
Locality: Central French Guiana
Photo: Taken in terrarium.
Reliability: 100% real morph.
Area & Info: West part of central French Guina near the village Maripasoula. The frog looks a lot like the yellowback from Saül. In the south of the village Maripasoula are the mountains called 'Monts Atachi Bakka'. Maripasoula is near the Maroni River (Marowijnerivier).


I've owned a pair of "Saul" yellowbacks that supposedly came from Nabors line but I can't ever remember seeing actual site specific Atachi bakka frogs advertised here in the U.S.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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thanks Phil,yes i have talked to Todd about his saul yellow backs,one of which bare a distinct similarity to our macheto,thanks mate...anyone else have any knowledge of these?
belucky kiddo
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Alittle bit more info on these and Saul, which i've probably stated elsewhere but deserves to be here.The Attachibakka population carriers a degree of variation in colour some individuals being very pale in colour,almost white i'm told by Ruud Shouten,whom collected ours. The Saul population is a more uniform deep yellow, So some of the attachis will be of very similar appearance to the Saul yellow back.
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SNDF imported and distributed some WC Atachi Bakka yellow-backs several years ago when the large tinc import occurred in 2009.
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