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Vertical Viv pics
Here are a couple of 22gal vivs with side opening door. One houses a trio of Leucs 2.1 and the other a group of 4 young auratus.

[Image: _DSC5990a.jpg]

[Image: _DSC5991a.jpg]
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now the inhabitants

[Image: _DSC5997a.jpg]

Auratus Taboga in it's usual hiding spot
[Image: _DSC5998a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5999a.jpg]
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Here are some plants in my vivs. Many I have no clue what they are, I just pick them up because I liked them and they didn't have a name tag at the nursery. On the ones I know I will put the name over the photo.

Got to photograph the fourth vertical 22gal viv I did. On this one I have a trio of no dot Citronellas, one of which posed beautifully for a photo.

Including a photo of a Nepenthes sibuyanensis with a fabulous pitcher. It looks smaller in my hand, but it's really nice any ways.

Citronella's viv
[Image: _DSC6006a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6007a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6005a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6003a.jpg]

Nepenthes distillatoria from the terribilis viv
[Image: _DSC6025.jpg]

Pinguicola moranensis also from the terribilis
[Image: _DSC6026.jpg]

[Image: _DSC6024.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6008.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6009.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6010.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6012.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6013.jpg]

Nepenthes sibuyanensis (not in any viv)
[Image: _DSC6014.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6015.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6017.jpg]

Closer look at the leucomelas viv
[Image: _DSC6011.jpg]

Some of the terribilis
[Image: _DSC6027a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6028a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6031a.jpg]

A nancy that came right to the door for it's pix
[Image: _DSC6018a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC6023a.jpg]
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very nice and impressive. great pics and great vivs! good work! kristy Big Grin
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Very nice plants and frogs. Thanks for sharing.
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That yellow frog is cool
what kind is he?
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keekalmatter Wrote:Wow
That yellow frog is cool
what kind is he?

Phyllobates terribilis I think.
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Yes, the yellow frogs are orange terribilis.

Thanks everyone for the comments.
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Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I love looking at everyone's tanks and frogs. Yours are beautiful!
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im partial to vert tanks.
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nice tanks and frogs Smile
1.1.0 Azureus
1.1.0 Leucomelas
0.0.1 Auratus
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Your set up is so wonderful!
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nice pics, what kind of cam do you use?
Excellent pics! I'm looking for inspiration for a vert I'm beginning--I love some of those plants! =)

Some frogs.
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Great thread.....great pics.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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