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Virginia Reptile Expo
Today is Virginia reptile expo
Ill be heading there hoping to see some frogs.
Richmond International Raceway
Colonial Bldg
602 E Laburmun Ave
Richmond, VA 23222
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How was it?
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Well they didnt have any frogs.. I found a guy with some plants and I ended up buying a mourning gecko. Theres gonna be another show in september im gonna check it out aswell
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Wow, that's the second expo or show you went to with no dart frogs. Virginia must suck for dart frog owners.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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So it seems.. Sad there arent many in the pet shops ethier
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So it seems.. Sad I haven't found much froggers ethier just 2 and one is leaving the country. Sad
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I know of three here in the DC area.
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