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Wanted - Bulk Driftwood
As it says, I am looking for decent amounts of driftwood. 5-25 pieces. Ghostwood preferred but cypress and manzantia would be good too. Smaller stumps would be great as well. Shoot me a pm if you can help me out, thanks
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#2 has a lot of ghostwood and manzita in various sizes.
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Found, thanks Craig!
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Casper has quite a bit of mixed ghostwood, manzinta etc. he is working crazy shifts now but I would recommend pm'ing him before you place the order with save on crafts, you can see/pick what you are buying beforehand.
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Hey thanks I will give him a shout.
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I would definitely check with Casper first, as I got some pieces from Save on Crafts, and I was very dissappointed with them.
Scott Bryant
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Didn't realize Capser was in the wood biz, so yeah try Casper. the downside to save on crafts is that you cant pick the pieces and you sort of get what you get...
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