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What Do You Think Of My Viv ?
[Image: newfrogs013.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs011.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs010.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs009.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs008.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs007.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs006.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs004.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs002.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs001.jpg]

OMG your viv looks awesome! I really dig those rocks around that one plant. Your frog looks like he digs it too. Very nice job.
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hey thanks for the comments.
I like it!! very nice. What is the background made of? Cork?
what is the plant on the left side? you know which one im talking about! Wink
oh, i forgot, the tank looks great! maybe a few taller standing larger leaved plants? but thats just my dumb opinion, i still wanna know what that one plant is though.
Alex, your tank looks good!
You can probably get that creeping fig to grow up the corkbark and fill in the background.
Good luck with it.
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Wow that is a really nice viv. Your froggies look like they love it too.
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what type of moss are you using. the tank looks great!!
Viv looks great, nice work!
looks great!
newbie to darts.
I have had many years experience with freshwater and saltwater reefs(especially reefs!)
i also have a leopard gecko
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it looks great
what are the platforms on the backwall made of?
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Needs something growing down that back wall . Looks great.
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def. a very nice setup. But i wouldnt put it on the ground
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Nice tank! Is that a feather bromeliad?
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Extremely beautiful. I can only hope my vivarium turns out that good. Thanks for the picks!
I am trying to create a PDF website, don't expect it to contain any info till around New Years day.
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Wish I could see it Cry

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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:'( photo bucket fail
Need a Website? PM Me for more information.

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