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BUBBLE -R. Imitator Egg and Tadpole development
I had one tad with a huge bubble - 2.5 times as big as yours, and the front arm developed nicely inside the bubble and one day, it's arm was out and the bubble deflated and it morphed out fine.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Those are some awesome photos!
Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Rantiomeya, Epipedobates
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Cindy- I saw that as well! It should be neat to watch the arms develop. I noticed the past 2 days as well that I can see little metalic flecks on the tad's skin.
How long does it take for them to start coloring up?

Phil- really good to know! It will be interesting to watch the process.

Thank you Don and EOS for nice comments! Smile
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you will notice color/pattern developing, intensifying each day, from now on.
Very cool to watch!
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Thanks Cindy!
[Image: Tadpoleday29edit.jpg]
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[Image: day30edit.jpg]
[Image: day301.jpg]
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It seems that the air bubbles are getting larger. He's still moving around as he had been though.
[Image: tadpoleday31copy.jpg]
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Air bubbles in tads have been alleged to be caused by:

1. High protein diet - like tad bites, causing gases in the body cavities.

2. Some gas present in the water. This is what it seems to be in your case.

You could always try using a different water source.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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I have seen some air bubbles in my tads and fed them less and eventually they would go away.
I only feed my tads twice a week.
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I have been doing water changes every day to keep it clear for pictures, and putting a new tadpole bite in every day. So I'll switched to bottled water, and drop to feeding every couple days then.
Thanks for the advice!

I pulled another egg on Wed, and they laid 2 more this morning. So they are back to breeding after not seeing any eggs since the last batch of eggs were pulled.
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Kim no need for spring water if you use Blackwater Extract, or boil almond leaves to make tadpole tea.
Just my .02.
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Hi Beth- I do have tadpole tea. I've just not had good luck with anything but plain boring water to this point! I used some bottled water yesterday, and it honestly looks like the bubbles are starting to deflate a bit!
[Image: day322edit-1.jpg]
[Image: Day32edit-1.jpg]

I also have some newer egg photos. This is the egg I pulled on Wed.
[Image: 525Day1edit.jpg]
[Image: 526Day2edit.jpg]
[Image: 527day3amedit.jpg]
[Image: 527Day32edit.jpg]
[Image: 528Day4edit.jpg]
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The new water source, to try to remove a possible variable - whatever minerals or gases are present in the water causing the air bubble, is something that has worked for me. Pennsyltucky has very hard / liquid rock water, that I still prefer to use, but sometimes I wonder.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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[Image: Day33edit.jpg]

2nd egg-
[Image: 529Day5edit.jpg]

Saw this last night- so they are obviously able to hide eggs really well LOL
[Image: 5282011Carryingtadedit.jpg]
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Congrats on the little one!
You would be amazed at how well they can hide eggs, and be raising a little one right under your nose.
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Thank you! I was very surpised. I hunted in the viv everyday, several times a day because the male was constantly calling- but never saw any eggs until they laid on top of the film canister again. Sneaky little devils!
[Image: Tadpoleday34edit.jpg]

[Image: tadpoleday34bellyedit.jpg]
[Image: 530Day6edit.jpg]
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I will most likely only post the new tad development pictures until day 11. That will make all the pictures up to date using the macro filter.
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[Image: Tadpoleday35edit.jpg]
Blowing bubbles-
[Image: Tadpoleday35blowingbubblesedit.jpg]

[Image: 531Day7edit.jpg]
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I'm hoping the tadpole is still with us tomorrow.
I followed someones advice, and put him in tadpole tea- for some reason he is now acting very strangely.
I should have just left him in the plain water, and obviously I don't know for sure that it's the tadpole tea that's making him act strange, but it certainly seems that way.
The tadpole tea was made with the filtered water, boiled with almond leaves.
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did you gradually transition the tadpole to the new water, by adding
a little at a time?
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