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does anyone have a caresheet for riccia moss?
im looking for a caresheet on riccia moss, im thinking of getting some for my viv. but i dont want it to die so im looking for a caresheet on it. Thanks
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mine does great with high light and keeping it pretty moist.
Scott Bryant
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I found the riccia pretty easy. Just spread it thinly on top. Mine is on top of dried spagnum moss, which is on top of the cocofiber/peat mixture. Then just keep it moist. Spray it every day. Give it the right kind of light, same as the other plants and it will fill in nicely after a couple of months. It makes a nice green carpet. Fran
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Thanks guys, would 3 40 watt cf twirley bulbs from homedpot be enough light? there 6500k daylight bulbs
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That should be plenty of light and it is the right kind. Fran
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