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new to the den
Hello my name is Joshua just wanted to say hello and hope to have a chance to talk to some of the great people on this board. Big Grin
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Hello and welcome joshua
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Joshua. There are at least a half dozen central PA froggers here, so you should be able to network.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Welcome! Look around, post questions, but be aware the hobby is addictive Smile. Don't forget to start a build thread! We all enjoy watching a new viv get stood up...
Jim from Austin --- Lorenzo keepers PM me about a US breeding program
lorenzo | nominant fants | highlands | summersi | bakhuis | azureus
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Hello to every one that replyed and thank you I do have a viv started but nothing like what I'm seeing on here I will posts some pics here soon its my first one ever nothing to write home about. But ill try to get a pic or two for you to judge.
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Hi Josh, welcome!
I like blue frogs!
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