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ridinshotgun's frog theater!
Here is my frog theater!  Much smaller than it used to be but life is like that!


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Nice and compact. I often wish I could downscale to a nice tidy room corner like that. That's totally the way the frog hobby works - you start small and want to get huge and then when the whole basement is filled, you are like, damn, I wish I didn't have so many racks. Ha

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Yeah at one time it took up the whole wall of that included another full rack, a detached 29 gal tank and additional storage under a window. I was going through a decent amount of flies every week.
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I can't wait to see the Sherman Viv and Eurorack all fixed up and flying!

Very exciting.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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I'll have to take some more pic tomorrow when the lights come on. Everything has grown out a bit since those original pics.

I got the rack home alright and started work on it. The other bundle of tubes was a separate single wide stand. I just have to figure out exactly how it was set up. It looks like he originally had a sliding door cabinet on it but I think I might be short one tube because I have one with sliding track on it for the cabinet section but not a partner to it. Not a problem since I have a local metal place I can source more tube if needed. I have to go back to work on it tomorrow. I just ran out of juice and light today after I got home.
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Here are some photos from today. These tanks have about 4 months growth on them.
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Is that a tile background in the middle photo?
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No it is foam blocks glued to the back and then drylock with a paint coloring added.

I like the method and think that is what I am going to try on the new viv I just picked up from Phil.
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Nice, those rocks are cool
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