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U.K Froggers here - all discusson
Phil - it was around a couple of years ago that poisonfrog appeared (I think?), probably partly out of frustration with these issues. I don't know the politics, nor do I care. Whether or not they have been fixed in the mean time, the problem is that it is very hard to get people to come back when you have lost them, unless there is an incentive. It's a shame, but looking at it objectively I think we might be seeing the end of DW.

Mike - I think I have been to all of the annual MAD meets (except maybe for last year? I don't recall...). I don't go to the more regular ones - life gets in the way unfortunately. I'm not at all suggesting that long term hobbyists are only in it to make money. What I meant was that most newcomers buy frogs first and then go to meetings/forums. I don't thing that more 'old timers' going to meetings will automatically translate into more people entering the hobby. When things pick up financially I'm sure we will see more participation overall. I'm an optimist ;-)

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Poison Frog does not allow viewing of certain sections. That's a deal breaker for me.

The only sections we require membership for viewing here, are the vendor and 'soap box' sections. The reason being, that anyone viewing those threads must have already agreed to the Terms of Service (TOS) here and it protects against liability and people screaming that everyone can see those threads and 'stumble onto them'.

I used to think that we should ask for membership to view any picture and photograph subforums here, but I quickly saw that as...wrong. Same with classified. All those subforums need to be 'free'.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Poisonfrog has been running for 18 months now.
I agree that it`s wrong to charge for access to certain parts of the forums.
As I said previously, all it`s done is help to fragment the hobby more than it was.
Nick, unfortunately you haven`t been to any of the MAD meets if you didn`t attend last years one, it was the first.
There are bimonthly meetings and I`ve been to every one so far with a 4 hour drive and 240 miles each way.
There are people who live less than 100 miles from the meetings who don`t attend.
If it isn`t on their doorstep they don`t want to know.
Richard is knocking his pan in organising all these meets and it`s always the same few who support what he does.
But everyone would like the benefits.
Unfortunately there are keepers in the hobby hoping to make a fast buck, but I`m still waiting to see the first overnight millionaire.
Another meeting that is held is the BAKS meet.
It is for people starting out to help them get into the hobby among other things.
When it first started out I heard of the emails going around for other keepers to boycott the meets.
Anyway there`s no point in going on about it all.
About Dendroworld.
What is different between Dendroworld and Poisonfrog ? other than the name ?
It`s full of the people who left DW just because they didn`t like the guy running it.
Many of the others just followed along like sheep.
I think Phil will agree with me here, but, a forum is only what the members make it.

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Frogman955 Wrote:Nick, unfortunately you haven`t been to any of the MAD meets if you didn`t attend last years one, it was the first.

I don't care what the forum looks like or who runs it, I just post where the people are - and I think others do to. That's why it's so difficult to revive forums that have been 'outcompeted'. I still think things will pick up on their own over the next year or two.

We will have to agree to disagree, but out of curiosity, if last year was the first MAD, what were the two or three amphibian events in Morpeth before that called, if not Morpeth Amphibian Day?? Amphibian Day, Morpeth? They were small but a good morning out if I recall - organised by Richard, attended by me (and you!). Or maybe I'm just imagining it all! :lol:

Never mind on my doorstep - it could be in my bloody front room and I probably wouldn't make it these days! Big Grin

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DrNick Wrote:
Frogman955 Wrote:Never mind on my doorstep - it could be in my bloody front room and I probably wouldn't make it these days! Big Grin


Haha it wouldn`t be the first meet held in a front room.

I must apologise on what is obviously a bit of a crossed wire on the MAD day (Morpeth Amphibian Day for those wondering).
Last year was in fact the first one which was actually organised by Richard.
The previous meetings were under a different name and organised by a local reptile shop manager who had a passion for amphibians.
Sadly he suffered from the same problems of people not bothering to get off their butts.
He spent a lot of money bringing Dutch Rana across and all for nothing.
Even although he was out of pocket and people didn`t support the event his enthusiasm for dart frogs hasn`t waned and he is a regular at the bimonthly meetings.
He no longer works at the reptile shop but is active within MAD.
If you can find your way over to MAD in April say hi. I normally only bite on the forums :lol:
Re Dendroworld we are still waiting for the handover to the new owner KJ.
But things are still up in the air.
In the event that KJ can`t take the reigns there is another standing up to be counted, but I don`t think it would be fair to say just yet who that is.
Hopefully it will all go as planed and the new owner can get the site back to it`s former glory so to speak.

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