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Full Version: There has to be an easier way!!!
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Okay I've completely finished my first false bottom (30 gal tall), and have alll the Great Stuff on the back as well. I covered the side walls in Great Stuff also. I am in the process of putting my cocos fibre on and am finding it to be a real pain in the arse. I am working in small sections at a time and am about half way done. The problem is this, I have been using copious amounts of silicone, three tubes already, and I am finding it hard to get every crack and crevice covered. I apply it thick then spread it around with my hands, a bit messy but it seems to work the best. Some places it gets thin and I have to wait for it to dry before I can apply more. Is there an easier way to accomplish getting it on in one coat or am I doomed to spend 40 bucks in silicone just to get the coverage I am looking for. I also have noticed that using brown instead of black seems to make a world of difference. Any suggestions?


When you spread the coco dirt out you should press it into the silicone, and use a lot. I find it sticks a lot better when you press it in a little.