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Full Version: U.K Froggers here - all discusson
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I'm seeing about 8-10 U.K froggers over here.....very nice !

Welcome guys.

Is it "U.K" , or is there a better term ?
UK works for me.

It's a slow invasion with us Brits but we'll get there in the end - stiff upper lip and all!

Regards M&G
Yep, fine with me too,and Marcus is right, slow but sure...watch out we are coming Lol. As a novice i think things are slowly gaining momentum over here,although i guess our hobby is in its infancy compared to the states ,Holland and Germany.
With Scar here now......I think there's @ 7 active members from the far side o' the pond on here pretty regularly.
yup from the UK too. thanks for starting this thread phil
Marcus...Stu...meet Scar !

I appreciate you guys hanging out over here from time to time. There's a good Dart Forum over there (not as old as this one) and I've tried to reach out to the owner with no luck. Posting and checking info is ok to do - U.S / U.K forums, but be SURE to patronize and support all the local meets and gatherings. THAT's where the true enjoyment and strength of this hobby comes from , TRUST me on that ! All the local friends and hobbyists that you meet will at one point, be worth thier weight in gold with regards to helping you have fun in this hobby. Fact.
haha ok will do. i believe there is a uk frog day sometime in July. i might be on holiday then though otherwise i would love to attend. its pretty cheap to enter too
Hey Guys.....meet Ian !


He just joined DD and needs some help locating suppliments. He's in the U.K somewhere. Show him some love, please
hey guys i am a novice, in London, and i just thought i would introduce myself so hey.
dont froget me as well!

didtn even realise that there was a UK section on here, hopefully meet some of you at UK frog day in a couple of weeks
what/when's frog day?? i new to frogs and im currently mid way through working on my first PDF setup
Hi danisparks,

UK frog day will be held on Manchester on the 9th Oct, all the major UK breeders along with some of the big European breeders will be there selling frogs, equipment & plants etc, last time there talks from respected breeders as well so its well worth a look if you can make it there pm me if you need any info or just want to chat things through. I'm fairly new to darts as well so it would be good to compare experiences.

thanks phelsumaman
i googled it and found the details, just wish i could get there my local rep suppliers all seem pretty useless when it comes to any advice on frogs, im currently working on an exo terra viv 35"x 23"x 18" with a foamed background incorporating a waterfall and ultrasonic fogger, looks quite good and many friends have complimented me on how well it looks so it cant be too bad,just having difficulties finding suitable leaflitter and soil mixes, im in the midlands btw

Hey Dan,
Where about in the midland? Do you know about www.dartfrog.co.uk ? They're based in worcesrershire & is the #1 shop for darts, search on here about leaflitter, soil mixes etc, please don't buy this stuff, it costs a bomb & you can do it yourself.

By the way would be great to see some pics of your viv, people on here are very helpful & you'll get some really constructive feed back
as soon as i can get my phone connected ill b uploading the pics ive gone with more of a stone/mossy background and intend to cocohusk/sillicone the sides and plant and moss the background thanks for the site ill try them, wolverhampton, ive looked at the mixes on here and still not found suppliers for what i want,
Try the following mix, 1 pt coco fibre, 2 pts extra fine bark chips, 2 pts moss ( collect this yourself & sterilise in the microwave) 1 pt ground xaxim fibre (available from dartfrog), 1 pt leaf mould ( oak is best ) + 1 pt dried ground oak leaves along with some calcium carbomate. Add on some springs & woodlice & you have a great natural Substrate
Gooday Dan,we are'nt superfar from you down in the vale of evesham,say around an hour,SSE,you have a great cool breeder in brum,called Gaz one of our best young breeders and another guy in wolves called Ross that i know of,well worth you checking out Marc at dartfrogs as Ben (hey mate) says,actually another breeder in brum called Daz (well ya know brummies they all end in AZ :oops: ) when ya get a mo and we're not stupid busy you'll have to come see us and talk frogs.Phil have you actually spoken to Jon (dendro world)?
Ben can't wait till sunday,it'll be a blast mate
back in a mo
rubnu67 Wrote:hey guys i am a novice, in London, and i just thought i would introduce myself so hey.
hey mate few good guys down in the smoke,Lee springs to mind great guy,if you can get to manchester sunday i guess you'll meet a few of them there
Thanks for the info im guessing im the dan to whom you refer ?? , wish i could get to manchester this weekend for frog day but im swamped, would have been very usefull for info and meeting breeders damn my hectic life
There's always next time, next one should be middle of next year, hope to see you then. In the meantime keep us updated on your progress
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