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Full Version: accidental breeding?
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I have a pair of auratus, which I keep simply because they are beautiful. I got them both as froglets, so I have no idea what sex either one might be. From reading others posts, it seems that in order to successfully get a new froglet from them, I would have to interfere. I don't really want them to breed. What are the odds, that if I simply leave them alone, they would be able to reproduce successfully? Am I fairly safe from that, or should I be on the lookout?

If setup plays a role, they are in a 29 tall with a simple moss floor, some live plants, and a small shallow pond area (no running water).

Thanks in advance!

-Alyssa :?:
Hi Alyssa,
Given the correct conditions for proper health of your frogs, if they are a male and a female, there is a good chance they will breed. Whether they transport tads that develope into froglets is another thing , in and of itself.