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Foot print- The total size of the “living space” of the enclosure. Sometimes using 'Gallons' as an old, but easily recognizable fish-tank term and then spinning off slightly from there depending upon degrees of hardscaping.

Terrarium-  (terra - earth), holds substrate and plants only.

Vivarium-  (viv - life), Containing both land Animals and Plants.

Aquarium- , (aqua - water), holds water and possibly fish. 100% water / no land

Paludarium-  (palus - marsh or swamp), incorporates both a land mass, and a LARGE water feature. Containing both water area(s) for fishes and land area(s) for animals and plants.

Riparium (ripa - riverbank or shoreline), recreates a riverbed or shoreline. Containing water and plants above and below the waterline but no land.

"FTS" = "Full Tank Shot", or a pic of the entire vivarium.

Hardscaping - the act of using various backgrounds, great stuff, expanding foam, cork, tree panel ect, ect and placing it into the back wall or panel and sides.

"Vert' = vertical oriented enclosure. More tall or high.

Frogs don't get housed in "CAGES". Cages have metal bars and birds are kept in them.
Frogs are kept in "ENCLOSURES" or Vivariums..or even..'Tanks". But not Cages.
please lord...no...more...'cages'....

A cage has BARS.....Bird.....Bird cage.....

Frogs are kept in Vivariums. Vivarium loosely translated, means...'area with living things(animals) in it'




anything but...cage.
Here ya go Phil:

FC=film canisters

Dart frogs do not 'come from' areas that have shorelines or a lot of standing water.

Dart frogs would not do well in a Paludarium.
Its not a 'cage'

Its not a 'set-up'

The glass or Plexiglas housing for animals is a 'Vivarium' or at least, an 'enclosure'.